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Girlfriends Care offers a “smorgasbord” of outreach projects from which to choose. Designed with today’s busy individual in mind, you decide what interests you and what role you want to play. Discover your passion area…where your heart is…then step forward. We want to help people to balance their lives as they find ways to give unto others. We are not just about collecting money; we are more about collecting hearts!


By providing food, clothing, training, job search assistance, encouragement and love, we actively support and promote self-sufficiency and spiritually well-being.


Inspired by Matthew 25:35-36 “For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited me in; naked, and you clothed me; I was sick, and you took care of me; I was in prison, and you came to visit me.


Girlfriends Care members include women of various economic backgrounds, education, professions, and religious affiliations with the sole purpose of helping others who are in crisis and transition. Our outreach also includes KidzCare, Teens Care and Guys Care too!

Girlfriends Care Inc

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  For more details on the opportunities below, email us directly at  info@girlfriendscare.org or use this link: Contact Us!

Volunteer Opportunities!  Want to get involved?

The mission of Girlfriends Care, Inc. is to connect volunteers to meaningful outreach, and to do that we offer a “smorgasbord of outreach” from which to choose.
Our philosophy has always been for our volunteers to “discover your passion area…where your heart is…then step forward to utilize your gifts, talents, and treasures to fulfill that calling”. You may already know where you want to serve, but if not you can experiment by volunteering!
HERE ARE SOME CURRENT OUTREACH PROJECTS THAT MAY HAVE YOUR NAME ON THEM!  Contact info@girlfriendscare.org for more information or to sign up!

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